"Michael Hall" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> With all the advice that has been offered so far, has it been assumed that
> php is installed in the CGI rather than DSO manner?

I haven't found this to be clear from the thread.

> Can PHP as a DSO
> interpret shell script-like files with a shebang at the top?

No.  This only works if PHP is compiled in stand-alone (CGI) mode.

> Alternatively, I've read somewhere about using lynx to run a .php cron
> job. Does this apply to DSO setups? For example, would James put something
> like this in his crontab:
> *   *   *   *  lynx mail.php

Almost.  Instead of the filename, the *full* URL is needed.  If PHP is
compiled as an Apache DSO the only way Apache can parse the PHP script is if
the file is accessed via the webserver, not directly off of the filesystem.
If anyone goes this route I strongly suggest adding authentication via an
.htaccess file and passing the user/pwd to lynx (see "man lynx") so that
your script which is probably only intended to be run via cron isn't
available for anyone on the web to access.

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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