On Sun, 8 Jul 2001, Ben Bleything wrote:

> Interesting method, with the lynx... I imagine that if you've only built
> the DSO, then that would be the way to do it.. if it worked.  My guess
> would be, you would have to do lynx
> 'http://localhost/path/to/script/script.php' to force it to go through
> the server.

Yes, I was a bit lazy with my example, you would certainly need to include
a proper URL. Apart from that though, a script called in this manner
should output whatever it is supposed to, whether a text file or an email
or whatever.

> TO be totally honest with you, I'm too lazy to learn bash scripting, so
> I've been using php (it's fast and easy and does everything I need!
> Honest!) so when I build a new version of php, I make both... =P

I've just recently got a bit more serious with learning bash scripting and
am surprised at how powerful it really is, in conjunction with the usual
UNIX commands and other tools. PHP is the only choice for most things web
related, but I'm finding that bash is making my server admin tasks easier
and quicker. In fact, I'm currently working on a PHP code snippet manager
written in bash! If the idea has any legs, I might convert it over to
Python or something later ... 



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