>        Is there is a way to search only for the alphanumeric content of
> field in a db?  I have an itemID field that contains item #'s that include
> dashes, forward slashes, etc, and I want people to be able to search for an
> item # even if they don't enter the punctuation exactly.

Not sure if there's anything specifically PHP-ish that will help you
here, but I would be inclined to start by storing a stripped-down
version of the item ID (alphanumeric characters only) in a separate
column in the database table.

Then, when a user enters some search data, I would remove
non-alphanumeric characters, if any, from the user's input, and then
search the stripped column with this normalized version of the input.

If you want even fuzzier matching (inadvertent transpositions or an
omitted character or two OK, for example), you might read about
Levenshtein distance:


PHP has a levenshtein function but you'll have to figure out a way to
use it efficiently with your data set. Or, if Levenshtein isn't quite
right for your needs, the article above might at least point you in a
useful direction.


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