On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 09:27 -0700, Jim Lucas wrote:
> I want this to come across in the nicest way possible.  Please I mean no 
> harm by my following statements.  And if you decide to hate me and never 
> to respond to one of my posts again, well, that is your choice.
> <rant title="To all the persons that hijack threads...">
> I, and others too I'd expect, would appreciate it if you didn't take a 
> response email from one thread and change the subject thinking you are 
> created a new thread.  Because you are not.
> To those of us that use email clients or news readers that correctly 
> display threads, things get lost in the mix of threads that get many 
> levels deep.
> The initial topic for the thread that I am referring to is as follows
> Author                Thread
> RRT           [PHP] PHP pages won't open correctly on my server.
> David Stoltz  [PHP] How to output a NULL field?
> David Stoltz  [PHP] Date Comparison
> David Stoltz  [PHP] Date +30 comparison
> Mind you that two of them were date related, but can anybody else see 
> how things could get lost very quickly?  I sure do.
> After writing this, I guess it would be best to simply ask David to 
> create a new email to the list each time that he has a different question.
> </rant>
> If you are in question now about how you should behave on this list, 
> please refer here:
>       http://us2.php.net/reST/php-src/README.MAILINGLIST_RULES
> Jim Lucas
+1 I know the feeling! I have my email client display messages by
thread, and it's darn annoying for threads to have several completely
different topics!


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