At 9:27 AM -0700 9/3/09, Jim Lucas wrote:
I want this to come across in the nicest way possible. Please I mean no harm by my following statements. And if you decide to hate me and never to respond to one of my posts again, well, that is your choice.

<rant title="To all the persons that hijack threads...">


After writing this, I guess it would be best to simply ask David to create a new email to the list each time that he has a different question.


If you are in question now about how you should behave on this list, please refer here:

Jim Lucas


Of course you are right.

But sometimes people don't realize that their email application keeps the old thread going when they hit reply (I speak from experience).

They need to understand that they must create a new email and use the php list address rather than just hitting reply and changing the subject line.




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