> stripping, stemming, spelling corrections ?
>  ... uhm, that's probably why they invented regular expressions, isn't it?
> As I said, at the end of the day, this will be a manual slow, potentially 
> wrong implementation of what we already have and use on daily basis.

If you've got a regular-expression-based method in mind that simply
nails the OP's problem, please share. I'm still not seeing how
"regular expressions" is a sufficient answer to the OP's problem,
which is basically fuzzy search.

My sense is that regular expressions are for situations where you
basically know just what you're searching for, but don't really know
where it falls in your search space.

The OP, on the other hand, is building a system where he won't know
just what he's searching for -- all he'll know is that his search key
is "sort of like" the thing he actually needs to find.

You might be able to squeeze this problem, or at least some part of
it, into a regex-based solution, but I don't think it's a natural fit.


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