Hey everyone.  I ran into a really weird issue that I was hoping I could
find some clarification on.  In short, I have javascript functions that
operate on hidden text values.  Those values may be posted, in which
case PHP then prints them back to the page via what comes in on $_POST.

The weird thing is, I was no longer able to match substrings inside
those hidden text values after posting via Javascript.  I banged my head
over this for a couple hours, until I realized that the string's length
was being increased by one after posting (I found this out in
javascript).  Upon further investigation, I found that all instances of
"substring\n" were being replaced by "substring(carriage return)\n"
after post.

For now, I'm simply doing str_replace(chr(13), "", $_POST['value'])
before re-inserting it into the HTML, but I was wondering why PHP is
inserting those extra characters.


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