Andrew Ballard wrote:

> Javascript interpolates \n as a newline character inside both double
> and single quotes unlike PHP that only interpolates inside double
> quotes. If the client browser is running under Windows, it may even be
> possible that the \n is recognized by the browser as a line terminator
> and converted to the Windows line terminator sequence (\r\n) either
> inside the form element itself or in the Javascript you are using to
> post back to the web server.

Both the server and the client are Linux machines, so there are no
issues with incompatible representations of newline.  I only ever place
\n's inside double quotes in PHP, and am aware of the fact that I don't
have to do that in PHP.  For the life of me, I just can't figure out
what's happening.

Anyway, for now, filtering \r's out in PHP seems to do the trick.


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