On Sun, 2009-09-06 at 23:40 -0500, Skip Evans wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a CMS system that uses the FCKeditor to allow users to 
> create directories in which to store images. FCK allows users 
> to create directories with spaces in them, and it's pretty 
> deep in the JavaScript code so modifying that is not a simple 
> option, so at this point I'm trying to work from the 
> assumption that the users will continue to be allowed to 
> create directory names with spaces.
> All that said, the CMS outputs data in two ways. I'll start 
> with the second method because it works and then move on to 
> the problem.
> What the user has created in the FCKeditor is a path to an 
> image that appears like this:
> src="/clients/client_118/images//Event%20images/Show%20ads/catspaw1compressed.jpg"
> Notice the '%20' codes for the spaces in the directory names 
> like 'Event images' and 'Show ads'.
> The first way the code is displayed is with an AJAX call. It's 
> read on the PHP side, echo'd back out to the JavaScript code 
> and inserted into an ID with an innerHTML assignment. This 
> method works.
> The first way the code is loaded is pure PHP. It's read from 
> the database just as it appears above and then echo'd back to 
> the browser. However, in the browser it appears like this:
> /clients/client_118/images//Event\ images/Show\ 
> ads/catspaw1compressed.jpg
> And of course the browser can't display the image with those 
> '\ ' combinations.
> So my task is to get it to display the image properly on the 
> pure PHP side the same way it does via the AJAX call.
> I should also say that the code the image path resides in 
> contains a text, etc, so it's a block of content, containing 
> both text and image paths.
> Is there a way to read and echo this on the PHP side and 
> preserve a properly displayable path like the AJAX call, but 
> that also won't interfere with the rest of the HTML and text 
> code contained within the block of content?
> I'm stumped on this one, so any help would be greatly, 
> wonderfully, blissfully even....... appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Skip
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How are you outputting those URLs? PHP won't just automatically converty
'%20' to a '\ '.

What is the raw URL format you're getting from FCKEditor?


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