Ashley Sheridan wrote:

How are you outputting those URLs? PHP won't just automatically converty
'%20' to a '\ '.

What is the raw URL format you're getting from FCKEditor?


The raw code in the FCKeditor looks like this:


(withing an <img...> tag of course)

But when the page displays and the images do not appear, viewing the image's properties shows this: (Notice the %5C). That %5C is what I think is being converted to a slash. Why it shows up is baffling me.

I simply output the code from the FCKeditor with a plain echo to the browser.

But then if I right-click the image to view it, that's when I see this

The requested URL /clients/client_118/images//Event\ images/Show\ ads/catspaw1compressed.jpg was not found on this server.

So it seems it's not preserving the %20 as coded spaces, and also converting that %5C to a slash!



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