Is there a decent tutorial anywhere on the net for the
available on

Maybe I'm blind, but I just can't find anywhere a decent description or
tutorial of what calls you can make to its functions. The documentation
file has two sections in German and a terse section in English.

I'm trying to figure out how to get each message and get their subject
line, from address, and then based on those two pieces of information,
I'll take the whole body and store them in the right place in a MySQL

Just for reference, this is what I've built so far (I renamed to POP3.php):

$pop3 = new POP3();

// Connect to mail server
$do = $pop3->connect ('');
if ($do == false)
        $message = $pop3->error;

$do = $pop3->login ('uuuuuuuuuuu', 'ppppppppppp');

if ($do == false)
        $message = $pop3->error;

$status = $pop3->get_office_status();

if ($status == false)

$count = $status['count_mails'];

for ($i = 1; $i <= $count; $i++)
        // Here's where I hit a wall.
        // 1. Get the from address
        // 2. Get the subject line
        // 3. Get the header+body as one text file
        // 4. Store it in the database.


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