On 4-Sep-2009, at 14:49, Daevid Vincent wrote:
I've used this code for about 6 years now and have yet to find emails that
it didn't work for. If someone has some funky (whacky) RFC extremity,

It's attitudes like this that make the web such a wonderful place. When I encounter a website the rejects my email address for being 'invalid" I simply NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. And your preg-replace would reject every email address I ever input into any web form.

As a note, this will also fail on domains like http://✪df.ws/, but I guess Daring Fireball is an 'edge case' funky whacky RFC extremity…

and I lift my glass to the Awful Truth / which you can't reveal to
        the Ears of Youth / except to say it isn't worth a dime

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