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  Thanks :)

Blah blah blah.
I've used this code for about 6 years now and have yet to find emails that
it didn't work for. If someone has some funky (whacky) RFC extremity, then
so be it. That's their problem. Most people have NORMAL emails that follow
the above.
I faced a professionnal issue because of a lazy programmer (a Delphi component that was not aware about "Toto man" What you consider normal e'mail is a subset that is not interoperable. And I hate that.

But you are correct, I have revised it to be a little more forgiving of some
allowed characters...

You can revised your regex to fit to the new kind of email. But it is smarter to use the right tool (like filter_vars).

  Yeah, I know, I feel like some spanish windmill hunter.

Mickaël Wolff aka Lupus Michaelis

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