> So I'm trying to set up a small website that includes a store (
> www.rareintaglio.com), i have all of my HTML hammed out and now I'm working
> on creating an admin login for the sites owner to input data from a back

I would really strongly advise against building your own
authentication system. I'm currently regretting the fact that I did
the same, a few years ago, for a couple of systems I still support.
There are just too many things that can go wrong, especially if you're
new to PHP and MySQL in general. Just to begin with, the code you
posted currently suffers from a really basic SQL injection
vulnerability and your database is likely be compromised within hours
of your site getting any kind of significant traffic. That's
completely distinct from the more basic syntax trouble.

Perhaps paradoxically, the more experience you gain with these things,
the less inclined you will be, most likely, to try to roll your own

There are lots of open-source PHP frameworks out there that should be
able to take care of authentication and access-control for you --
CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, and Solar come immediately to mind as
packages that I've either heard good things about, or suspect are
solid because of the authors involved. I'm sure there are several
other good ones also.



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