On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 1:02 PM, Phred White <phpl...@planetphred.com> wrote:
> Hey folks..
> Anybody ever use APC to show upload progress?
> It sounds really cool, but apc_fetch always returns false a value for
> uploads. I can apc_add something and fetch it, but not for uploads : (
> (set-up: php-apc 3.0.19, Apache2, php 5.2.10, no suhosin patch)
> There is little info to google on this, and I've been through it.
> I was hoping some hard core, tireless, php programmer just knew the answer.
> With high anxiety, Phred

I recently had to do roughly the same thing (visual upload progress)
and I had done some research into APC.  What I learned was that the
upload tracking didn't work with FastCGI (which would have prevented
our switch to nginx, but not a deal breaker) and what broke the deal,
though, was the fact that APC's upload progress is apparently not
thread safe, so if person A is uploading a file and person B starts an
upload, you get a silent failure.  Which brings me to another point,
it seems to silently fail.

Ultimately, I went with a flash based solution because the APC
solution had way too many problems to be really useful.  It's a nice
thought, but I wouldn't recommend it.  I know this isn't exactly what
you wanted, but I had a similar experience and thought I would share

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