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Hey folks..

Anybody ever use APC to show upload progress?

It sounds really cool, but apc_fetch always returns false a value for uploads. I can apc_add something and fetch it, but not for uploads : (
(set-up: php-apc 3.0.19, Apache2, php 5.2.10, no suhosin patch)

There is little info to google on this, and I've been through it.

I was hoping some hard core, tireless, php programmer just knew the

With high anxiety, Phred

I recently had to do roughly the same thing (visual upload progress)
and I had done some research into APC.  What I learned was that the
upload tracking didn't work with FastCGI (which would have prevented
our switch to nginx, but not a deal breaker) and what broke the deal,
though, was the fact that APC's upload progress is apparently not
thread safe, so if person A is uploading a file and person B starts an
upload, you get a silent failure.  Which brings me to another point,
it seems to silently fail.

Ultimately, I went with a flash based solution because the APC
solution had way too many problems to be really useful.  It's a nice
thought, but I wouldn't recommend it. I know this isn't exactly what
you wanted, but I had a similar experience and thought I would share

Dang! You are exactly right - that isn't what I wanted to hear! : (
But better to know now, then when my timeline is already used up.

Did you write your own flash based solution, or use an canned one?

Thanks, Phred

I actually wound up using swfupload because of a friend's
recommendation and also because there's a nifty jQuery plugin for it.

The project's main site: http://swfupload.org
The jQuery plugin I'm using:

The *only* issue I could find with a flash based uploader (I don't
regard flash installation as an issue because we're a video based site
and well, if you're using our site to watch videos...) was there's an
as-of-yet unresolved bug in linux flash clients that locks a browser
until upload is completed.  Adobe's bug tracker seems to be down for
me at the moment, but if you really want the bug, let me know offlist
and I'll supply it later. :)

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Hey Eddie:

One more question...
I have an existing form that provides other data that need to be linked to the file upload. It looks like swfupload, just uploads all by its lonesome. I also need the javascript form validator to be triggered before any uploading occurs. Is this possible? You don't have to tell me how (though I wouldn't mind a few clues). I just want to know if it will meet my needs once i dig in.


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