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I typically use, which is hosted by Hurricane Electric.



I wouldn't use Hurricane Electric if their accounts were provided for free!

The following is an experience I had with Hurricane Electric and support for my opinion as to their "service".

You see, many years ago Hurricane Electric hosted (IMO with complicity) a porn site that sent out over 2000 porn spams to AOL using MY email address as the person to contact. That incident caused me a great deal of trouble.

In an attempt to understand and resolve the problem, I sent several emails to Hurricane Electric; I called them numerous times via telephone; and I even sent them letters via the US mail. But unfortunately they refused to answer ANY of my correspondence. Their lack of communication provided support for my opinion of their complicity with what had happened.

A few years back they contacted me (again more spam) soliciting my interest in hosting with them. Normally, I would have just reported such spam to spamcop, but because of the incident I replied and told them what had happened.

Later I was contacted by one of their technicians who looked thorough their records and confirmed/admitted the incident. However, he told me that they could not be held responsible for they clients they host. Furthermore, they have no intention of screening their clients. He said that they will provide hosting to whomever they want, including porn and spam sites. If their clients do anything wrong per "their standards", then they will deal with it internally. Otherwise they don't care about any harm done to anyone by them hosting such sites. In short, they want the money but not the responsibility.

Now, maybe Hurricane Electric has changed its ways, but they can't change their past.

In my opinion, there are more than enough hosting companies who care about the damage they might cause and take steps to reduce the about spam and porn on the net. My advice, seek hosts other than Hurricane Electric.




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