sorry man, but no blancs etc. means NOTHING should be send before the header

it should look like this:

header("Location: advertise2.php"); 


here u can do ur html

not one! single char incl. space should be outputted before the header e.g. 
before the php open tag.

  ""Ernie Kemp"" <> wrote in message 


  <title>Contact Us</title> 



  <?php header("Location: advertise2.php"); ?>



  The above is just snippet of the code but even this simple example throws the 
Header Warning / Error.


  Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at /home/content/g/t/a /html/yourestate/advertise.php:6) 
in/home/content/g/t/a /html/yourestate/advertise.php on line 6


  The anwser may be simple but I have looked a blanks or spaces around the 
<?php ?> with no success.

  Ready need your help.



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