> I think this sort of issue arises particularly because of the
> misconception that PHP is embedded inside HTML pages. Once a person has
> that idea in their head, they will start to work with an HTML template
> and add PHP as necessary. While that can work, in cases such as this,
> it's best to remember that HTML (and XML or other languages, etc) is
> inserted into PHP scripts.

I think PHP embedded is not a good idea in any case, the output should be the 
last thing ever to manage/perform, and not vice-versa: PHP in the middle of an 
output stream.

This simply means more speed, less implicit or explicit echo/parsing/flow 
interruptions, more control, and more flexibility, since last part ever of the 
required page could decide at the end to produce an html page, an XML, 
eventually transformed via XSL (or transformed via client later), a JSON 
response, a PDF, an csv ... etc etc ... php embedded is the reason php is so 
popular but the reason there are a lot of bad applications as well - not 
because of its embeddable nature, simply 'casue being simple often means being 
used by lots of wannabe programmers sometimes not even interested about 
learning it more than they already know.

I always says PHP is easy to use, but extremely hard to use properly.

The learning curve is often stuck miles before 100/100 ... and I do not 
absolutely consider myself a 100/100 PHP dev ... actually, I do not know 
anybody that "cool", maybe because at some point people switch into another 
language a la Python, C#, or Java ...

Just my opinion,

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