Ralph, Paul,

Thank you for responding.

> I don't use TCPDF; I use FPDF, but I imagine the drill is about the same
I tried using FPDF, but it did not support UTF-8/Japanese. It claims
some support in the documentation, but after much experimentation, I
verified it does not. That is why I switched to TCPDF.

> What you're asking sounds like you want to *edit* an existing PDF via a
> PHP class,

No, I just want to write on top of it. And that was possible with
FPDI/FPDF, but I had to abandon those as they did not support Japanese.

I attempted to use the same functions as FPDI/FPDF, but they did not
work in TCPDF.

> have a look in the archive of this list. there is a topic "writing japanese
> test in an excisting pdf" its of 31. of August, this should help

That was a thread I started. Things have changed slightly since I now
know that only TCPDF supports Japanese.

So I still need to know if/how to write text into a PDF, like I did with
FPDF, but with TCPDF instead.

If this turns out to not be possible, I am going to be suffering a great

Dave M G

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