> php not but perhaps the client its not clear and commonly defined what
> clients do with cookies on reconnect and stuff or long idle times.

Maybe not, but I'd be really surprised. An HTTP client is supposed to
decide whether to send a cookie by looking at the domain name and path
of the URL it's requesting. These things are at a totally different
layer from IP addresses -- and even if they weren't, in most cases I
would think a browser is going to be ignorant of public IP address
changes because it's going to be behind a NAT device.

> I would expect as source the new browsers where more and more users use
> subwindows to have concurrent sessions, does anybody know how they handle ip
> changes? I'm not.

What specific situation do you have in mind in which a browser would
even be aware of an IP change on the client side? Maybe there are
common cases I'm not thinking of.


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