well this sound clearly to me like you are not freeing resultsets you are not 
going to use anymore. In long scripts you have to take care of this. on short 
scripts you can be a bit weak on that, because the resultsets are closed and 
freed on script ending.

assumed u r using MySQL are u using mysql_free_result($result)

goog luck


"Philip Thompson" <philthath...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> Hi all.
> I have a script that opens a socket, creates a persistent mysql  
> connection, and loops to receive data. When the amount of specified  
> data has been received, it calls a class which processes the data and  
> inserts it into the database. Each iteration, I unset/destruct that  
> class I call. However, the script keeps going up in memory and  
> eventually runs out, causing a fatal error. Any thoughts on where to  
> start to see where I'm losing my memory?
> Thanks in advance,
> ~Philip

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