On Fri, 2009-10-02 at 18:07 +0530, kranthi wrote:
> >> I've read that the upcoming Firefox 4 may have some features built in
> >> for this sort of thing, and there are plugins out there for most
> >> browsers that can do this as an added layer of security.
> Sorry but I could not understand what you meant by "this"
> coming back to original problem... you should keep in mind that if
> base tag is used, the links (<a href="...">) in that page will become
> absolute links instead of relative links

"this" is this:

"Some browser security settings may not allow you to run Javascript code
that exists on another server though"

Also, you won't have to worry about the links, unless you wanted the
links that were relative to the remote site to be relative to your own.
This would only work out in such a way if you'd scraped their whole site
for content, which would beg the question, "why would someone honestly
need to scrape an entire site?"


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