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> I need to store a variable name as a variable. Note quite a C-style
> pointer, but a way to access one variable who's name is stored in
> another variable.
> As part of a spam-control measure, a certain public-facing form will
> have dummy rotating text fields and a hidden field that will describe
> which text field should be considered, like this:
> input type="text" name="text_1"
> input type="text" name="text_2"
> input type="text" name="text_3"
> input type="hidden" name="real_field" value="text_2"
> As this will be a very general-purpose tool, a switch statement on the
> hidden field's value would not be appropriate here. Naturally, the
> situation will be much more complex and this is a non-obfuscated
> generalization of the HTML side of things which should describe the
> problem that I need to solve on the server side.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Some reading on this if you're interested:


You can also access array properties using variables if you like:

  $foo->some_prop = 'Hi there!';
  $bar = 'some_prop';
  echo $foo->$bar;



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