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 [PHP] a trivial little function (PostToHost)




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 Hi gang:

 The following 'trivial little' function I'm trying to get my head

 The article states:

 Either way, just generate your XML string and fire it at the remote
 machine.  You will need to write code to handle the response, obviously.

 Okay, so how does one handle the response? I understand that one
 should have the script at host A sending data to host B, but I can't
 seem to get it to work. Does anyone have an example that works?

 My confusion here -- is the data sent by the function at host A
 accessible by host B via a POST, or does it write to a writable file,
 or what?

 Any help would be appreciated.



Yes, this is just a standard HTTP POST, just like what a browser does when
you click a submit button. So, there needs to be a script that handles a
standard POST on server B. It will send whatever response it is designed
to. Just think of server A as a browser submitting a form and server B is
you writing a PHP script to handle the form submission :)

Hi Kirk:

Okay, but what specifically is that script?

I have written a script at server B to print_r($_POST), but I don't get anything other than log errors (see below*).

Here's an example:

You can enter anything into the form (Server A) and click submit, but the form (Server B) won't show anything -- what am I doing wrong?



* Log errors: [05-Oct-2009 15:08:54] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: mm_create(0, /session_mm_cgi-fcgi522) failed, err mm:core: failed to open semaphore file (Permission denied) in Unknown on line 0

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