> How is 0342352 being assigned to the variable that you're filtering?
> If PHP thinks it's a string, then the filter will fail. If PHP thinks
> it's a number, it seems to convert it internally to the number 115946,
> before you get to the filter.  Not sure what's going on there. At any

Sorry, brain fart. In PHP, a leading 0 in an integer indicates an
octal number (thanks, Martin). PHP immediately converts it to decimal
internally. Hence 0342352 becomes 115946. But it's a bit of a fluke
that the example you used happened to be a valid octal number. Try
something that starts with 0 and has an 8 or a 9 in it; you'll end up
with plain old 0 (presumably because PHP's internal attempt to convert
from octal, fails):


Which, of course, leads to the apparent-false discussed above.


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