I have several sites that are getting hit with form spam.  I have the script 
set up to capture the IP address so I know from where they come.  I found a 
short script that is supposed to stop these IP addresses from accessing the 
form page, it redirects the spammer to another page (I was going to redirect 
to a page that has lots of pop-ups, scantily clad men and offers of joy 
beyond imagination), but someone suggested I redirect to the Federal Trade 
Commission or perhpas the FBI.

Any thoughts on the script and its effectivness?

$deny = array("111.111.111", "222.222.222", "333.333.333");
if (in_array ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $deny)) {
   header("location: http://www.google.com/";);
} ?>Gary 

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