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> Subject: Help with my first recursion menu
> Hello all,
> Please have a look here:
> http://www.nuvemk.com/c_categoria/seccao/1
> When we click on "Fitofármacos", I can display the correspondent
> children! This is great! And I'm really happy!
> :)
> When we click on Fitofármacos children - "Herbicidas", I was expecting
> to have returned Herbicidas childs, without losing the Fitofármacos
> menu item.
> The reason I'm losing him, I suppose, it's due the fact that the URI is
> not properly generated by the function responsible to parse a menu.
> Notice that, on the link posted above:
> If you click on fitofármacos and then click on herbicidas, the expected
> URL should be:
> http://www.nuvemk.com/c_categoria/seccao/1/6/9/
> but I'm getting this instead:
> http://www.nuvemk.com/c_categoria/seccao/6/9/
> If we try to navigate deeply, and inside Herbicidas we click on
> "Herbicidas A", we are expecting an URL like so:
> http://www.nuvemk.com/c_categoria/seccao/1/6/9/27/
> But we are getting this instead:
> http://www.nuvemk.com/c_categoria/seccao/9/27/
> Here is the actual code:
> http://pastebin.com/m8ffe9db
> I've not yet completely understand the recursion, can I have your help
> in order to understand how can I recursively build the URI segments?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Márcio

I've been told that stack is the way to go, so I'm trying to understand the
following code:
I've commented every line so that any of you could see if I'm interpreting
something wrong:

I have two questions about this code, that hopefully someone on the list
could explain:

Why do we need to remove the last array item? (on line 32):

Why we print the closed tag of the li element, after the recursive call? (on
line 29)
echo "</li>\n";

Thanks a lot in advance,

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