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>  I've been told that stack is the way to go, so I'm trying to understand
> the
> following code:
> http://pastebin.com/m5616c88f
> I've commented every line so that any of you could see if I'm interpreting
> something wrong:
> I have two questions about this code, that hopefully someone on the list
> could explain:
> 1)
> Why do we need to remove the last array item? (on line 32):
> array_pop($urlStack);
On line 20, $url creates an URL path that includes the $cat path.  Once
you've completed iteration on all children of $cat, the url path should no
longer include $cat path, thus it is removed from $urlStack.

> 2)
> Why we print the closed tag of the li element, after the recursive call?
> (on
> line 29)
> echo "</li>\n";
Line 29 is closing the li element that was opened on line 23 for $cat.

> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Márcio

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