2009/11/2 Ashley Sheridan <a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk>:
> On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 00:53 -0800, acetrader wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I am doing an application that allows me to create RSS channels and put
>> feeds inside of each channel. Everything works so far, but - now I have
>> started to do the 'Edit Channel', 'Edit Feed', 'Delete Channel' and 'Delete
>> Feed' functionalities and have run into a problem. For me its a big problem
>> cause Im not a guru programmer but for you out there it may be a piece of
>> cake.
>> I have the following line of code:
>> $myFeedHTML .=        "<TH ROWSPAN=3 BGCOLOR='#99CCFF'> $feedItemImagePath 
>> <br />
>> <br /> <input type='Button' value='Edit' width='100px'
>> onClik='javascript:DeleteChannelAndAllOfItsFeeds()' /> <br /> <br
>> />DELETE<br /></TH>";
>> In $myFeedHTML I'am always appending new HTML data to it, in this case I'am
>> appending a table row/header row that has an image in it and underneath the
>> image it has two buttons, one is for the EDIT functionality and the other is
>> for the DELETE functionality.
>> Now... notice the onClik events ->
>> onClik='javascript:DeleteChannelAndAllOfItsFeeds()'    . I ususally use that
>> method to call a javascript function from within a button or a link....and
>> like this is works (on its own - ie when its not being appended as a normal
>> string to the variable $myFeedHTML).
>> But...When it is appended to a variable so that I echo everything at once in
>> the end, the onClik action must be included inside a " (double quotes) and
>> inside  ' (single quotes) so that it can be appeneded to the string, now
>> when this is being done everything gets mixed because of of all the " and '
>> thus the program thinks that these are normal escape characters and just
>> skips over the javascript call function that is nested within the onClik
>> event. So the onClik is not getting a function assigned to it. (you can see
>> this in the code I've pasted above)
>> What can I do in order to append it to my $myFeedHTML variable and at the
>> same time have it assigend a javascript function inside of its EDIT/DELETE
>> button onClik event ?
>> Can you give me some example maybe etc ?
>> Image Preview:
>> http://old.nabble.com/file/p26156627/my%2BEscape%2BProblem.jpg
>> btw: I know I've written onClik wrong but I wrote it this way in this forum
>> cause it wouldn't let me post my thread because it regards it as an illegal
>> tag lol. B-)B-)
>> Thank you very much :) ,
>> The Ace
>> --
>> View this message in context: 
>> http://old.nabble.com/PHP-and-Javascript-escape-character-problem%2C---%3E-those-who-like-to-solve-things-can-try-to-solve-this-issue%2C-its-tricky-I-think--%29-tp26156627p26156627.html
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> I've noticed also that in your code you've always referred to onclik,
> when it should be onclick. I hope this was just a typo in the email!

I've noticed also that you didn't read his email properly. I hope that
was just an oversight.



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