What do people on this list use as an ultra-lightweight web server (with 
PHP capability of course) on Windows? I have an old but still well 
functioning laptop that I have just given a second life by installing 
Windows Fundamentals (a stripped down version of XP). This works 
surprisingly well. So now I am looking for the necessary software, so I 
can do some local programming.

Some requirements I can think of:

- Extremely small memory footprint and fast efficient code. This laptop
  still works well but it can certainly use some help!
- Both free as in beer and free as in speech would be my preference.
- Be able to run as a "service" in XP.
- Be able to run PHP (obviously) and perhaps a few other nice server
  features, like SSI and name based virtual hosts.

Any suggestions? I have not seriously used Windows for years now, so my 
knowledge of that platform is not exactly up to date anymore. I am used 
to dealing with Debian/Ubuntu Linux and Apache but not much else, 
frankly. Apache does seem to heavy for this. My initial thought was to 
install Lighttpd under Cygwin, but perhaps I would be missing out on some 
great little server program that I have not yet heard about.

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