Indeed. Using ImageMagick's 'identify' command, the first layer is 30x24 on a 32x32 canvas.

radioactive-bread-eek.gif[0] GIF 30x24 32x32+2+6 8-bit PseudoClass 256c 2.11kb radioactive-bread-eek.gif[1] GIF 32x27 32x32+0+4 8-bit PseudoClass 256c 2.11kb

If getimagesize() works on the canvas, then you might want to use that, instead. gd and gifs don't really have a steady relationship, anyway.

Ashley Sheridan wrote:

It does indeed seem to be some sort of bug. I've just tested it with
your image on my machine here and for imagesx() and imagesy() it gives
30 and 24 respectively. getimagesize() does return the correct
dimensions though.

The same image saved as a flat single layer gif from the Gimp behaves
exactly the same way.

This might not be a proper bug as such, as the image itself might be
32x32, but the first layer (the first frame in the animated version) is
30x24 when you remove the dead, unused, transparent background. Perhaps
GD is meant to report on the *actual* size of the image, rather than the
dimensions of the frame?


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