1. Is possible. Google the term web-bug. Be prepared that it will only work if the recipient has a HTML enabled email reader AND allows downloading of images. Be prepared also that every time the email (including forwarded emails) are viewed your server gets a hit. Might equal alot of hits. Just embed an image with a unique filename (tiny or invisible if you want) in the email and make it's source your server. Then track requests for that image.

2. Is impossible. It just is. The best you could do is track requests for the image as in 1 above and notice the different IP addresses, and *assume* it was forwarded but there are lots of other explanations other than forwarding.

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Hi all,

I want to develop a newsletter system, where by users can create newsletters
and send them to recipients, that's not a problem.

I want to be able to track certain things:

1. When an email is opened. I think this can be done with an img tag where
the src is a php script. We can then track when that script is called and
from whom.

2. Track if the email was forwarded, not sure how this is done but it should
be possible any ideas?

I basically need advice on the second point and to know that the first point
I am heading in the correct direction.

Please send any links if you wish, that will help.

Thanks in advance.


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