I was reading this: http://pear.php.net/manual/en/standards.including.php
and it states: 

        "Note: include_once and require_once are statements, not functions.
Parentheses should not surround the subject filename." 

I never knew that. I've always (wrongly) used:
Anyone have a bash command line snippet (or other code is fine too I guess)
that will fix all my directory tree?
The tricks are that I think there can be several variations and several
instances with a given file too:
     require_once ('/path/to/my/file');
etc. Note the space before the parens, the single vs. double quotes and the
use of a global define.

I think this regex should work:


I just don't know the magic sed/awk/grep/whatever to do the search and
replace on all my .php files recursively.

This seems like a useful 'routine' to post up on that page, as I'm sure I'm
not the only one who didn't know this little subtlety (considering PHP
doesn't puke on it either).

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