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> Subject: [PHP] Re: need a find/replace command to fix my require_once
> Nathan Rixham wrote:
> > Daevid Vincent wrote:
> >> I was reading this: 
> http://pear.php.net/manual/en/standards.including.php
> >> and it states: 
> >>
> >>    "Note: include_once and require_once are statements, 
> not functions.
> >> Parentheses should not surround the subject filename." 
> >>
> >> I never knew that. I've always (wrongly) used:
> >>  
> >>      require_once('/path/to/my/file');
> >>  
> > 
> > if it ain't broken don't fix it - why not just ensure you do it the
> > correct way (or preferred way) in the future.
> > 
> > sure the time could better be invested fixing a bug, 
> writing a test or
> > documenting something.
> > 
> > s'all your call though :)
> I agree.  That's a PEAR coding standard, so unless you're 
> coding a PEAR
> package it doesn't matter.  It's the PEAR groups opinion.  If you look
> at some other project, they may require the parentheses for 
> readability.

Well now, I am confused because these pages:

All show them as functions:
Include(), require(), require_once(), include_once()

Yet ALL of their examples show the PEAR way:

        include_once "a.php";

I opted to just do it anyways since it seems that is the "official" way.

To change all require_once('foo.php'); to require_once 'foo.php' execute this:

cd /var/www/

find . -name '*.php' -print | xargs egrep -l \
'require_once\s*(\(.*\));'\ | xargs sed -i.sedorig -e \
's/require_once\s*(\(.*\));/require_once \1;/'

(thanks to Robert Hajime Lanning for that)

Then to remove all the ".php.sedorig" backup files execute this:

find . -name "*.php.sedorig" -type f -exec rm -rf {} \;

I tried to post this note to here:
But the stupid-ass form says:
"Your note contains a prohibited (usually SPAM) word. Please remove it and try 
WTF!? It doesn't even TELL me what f'n word is the problem. Seriously? It 
already asked me the stupid math question and now this

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