Juan wrote:
> El día 23 de noviembre de 2009 13:25, Nathan Rixham
> <nrix...@gmail.com> escribió:
>> Juan Marcelo Rodríguez Monti wrote:
>>> Hi people,
>>> I have some doubts about this topic that I'm gonna explain.
>>> I have a few sites in flash, and I was requested to write a PHP frontend
>>> to send news. I have this already done and it works perfect. It's a LAMP
>>> App to send and edit news, post video, images and so on.
>>> Then, I need to put all this news into the Flash site. So, I need to use
>>> XML. I'm not gonna discuss about Flash, because this is a PHP List,
>>> however I would like to talk about PHP and XML.
>>> What do you recommend me to produce XML from those news of the SQL
>>> database?. What do you suggest to output XML from the existing content
>>> to then put those XML files into Flash.
>>> The posted news are saved in a MySQL database. I don't know if do I need
>>> to output from PHP then parse the output and convert it to XML, or if Do
>>> I need to get the array from the MySQL and directly output this to an
>>> XML file to then get from this file from Flash.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Juan.
>> flash remoting: you could use amf instead; its faster and easier to use.
>> on the php side just use http://amfphp.org/ or suchlike
> Thanks. I didn't know that. Did you test this applications ?  How well
> does it work ?.
> Juan

yeah it's great, all stable, and been used for years in most enterprise
apps - that's what flash remoting is; and AMF is adobe message format..
so official feature :) also mucho support in java etc (and all langs afaik).


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