Hi people,
I have some doubts about this topic that I'm gonna explain.

I have a few sites in flash, and I was requested to write a PHP frontend to send news. I have this already done and it works perfect. It's a LAMP App to send and edit news, post video, images and so on.

Then, I need to put all this news into the Flash site. So, I need to use XML. I'm not gonna discuss about Flash, because this is a PHP List, however I would like to talk about PHP and XML.

What do you recommend me to produce XML from those news of the SQL database?. What do you suggest to output XML from the existing content to then put those XML files into Flash.

The posted news are saved in a MySQL database. I don't know if do I need to output from PHP then parse the output and convert it to XML, or if Do I need to get the array from the MySQL and directly output this to an XML file to then get from this file from Flash.


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