After a long delay, I've finally got mail working. I had decided to
move on in the book that I'm working through (Head First PHP & MySQL)
but doubled back to address the mail issue again. This is how I
finally got it to work:

1. Switched to XAMPP for linux rather than using my existing versions
of mysql, php and apache.

2. Uninstalled Postfix and reinstalled Sendmail. Then I followed the
instructions here:

I can't vouch that the method described at that link is completely
safe and secure, but it worked for me and was very easy. I've spent
many hours and days trying to get this to work so am very relieved.

My only complaint is that there is quite a long delay after submitting
report.html (from Ch. 1) while it says 'waiting for localhost...'. It
can take up to 20 seconds or so before sending and giving

Thanks for all your help.

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 4:37 AM, Bob McConnell <> wrote:
> From: James Prentice
>> I have tried setting both $to and $email to be the same shaw address
>> since I assumed it should be recognized by the mail server, but it's
>> still getting bounced. So why is 'www-d...@homemade' being listed as
>> the sender? Any ideas?
> I strongly recommend you call the help desk at Shaw and ask them to
> explain what is happening. They should know what is going on with their
> servers. Everyone on this list appears to be guessing at the problem,
> which is not likely to help you.
> Bob McConnell

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