It looks like using XAMPP wasn't strictly necessary. I tried running
this example again using my previous versions of mysql and apache and
it worked fine. So the key is to configure Sendmail as described at
the URL I gave.

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 10:58 AM, James Prentice <> wrote:
> After a long delay, I've finally got mail working. I had decided to
> move on in the book that I'm working through (Head First PHP & MySQL)
> but doubled back to address the mail issue again. This is how I
> finally got it to work:
> 1. Switched to XAMPP for linux rather than using my existing versions
> of mysql, php and apache.
> 2. Uninstalled Postfix and reinstalled Sendmail. Then I followed the
> instructions here:
> I can't vouch that the method described at that link is completely
> safe and secure, but it worked for me and was very easy. I've spent
> many hours and days trying to get this to work so am very relieved.
> My only complaint is that there is quite a long delay after submitting
> report.html (from Ch. 1) while it says 'waiting for localhost...'. It
> can take up to 20 seconds or so before sending and giving
> confirmation.
> Thanks for all your help.
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 4:37 AM, Bob McConnell <> wrote:
>> From: James Prentice
>>> I have tried setting both $to and $email to be the same shaw address
>>> since I assumed it should be recognized by the mail server, but it's
>>> still getting bounced. So why is 'www-d...@homemade' being listed as
>>> the sender? Any ideas?
>> I strongly recommend you call the help desk at Shaw and ask them to
>> explain what is happening. They should know what is going on with their
>> servers. Everyone on this list appears to be guessing at the problem,
>> which is not likely to help you.
>> Bob McConnell

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