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even though the dbf has 10K records
Fox can't spend "minutes" to found a match
by the way, its very strange
to have 35 columns in a table/dbf or whatever....

pay attention to the comment of Ashley
in Fox, you should:

SELECT directory
INDEX on phone_number to idx_directory_phone
- or -
INDEX on phone_number tag phone of cdx_directory

i worked with Fox
with dbfs of 2 millions of records
and the speed is amazing -- using indexes of course!

It has been a long time since I worked with either FoxPro or dBase, but
IIRC, both required you to explicitly create any indexes they might
need. They don't have query analyzers like Postgres, MySQL and other
modern DBMS engines.

Bob McConnell

That is correct! But in my case - I DO indeed have Indexes created manually. FoxPro created .CDX files for Indexes. The problem is - does PHP use those indexes?

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