Why can't you put the update on the same LAN server that the app resides?

If that is not possible, what about using CURL, and update if it can connect 
successfully, but don't if it cannot?


      Since the LAN is remote (many hundreds of miles away) from the source of 
the update, the only practical way to deliver an update every month or week to 
multiple users is to make it available for download from a central "update 

      I'm just trying to maximize efficiency by checking if an internet 
connection exists, and abandoning further attempts to check for update 
availability if it does not.

      The idea to use CURL seems valid, but it pre-supposes that I know the 
answer to my own question. To use your suggestion, I'd have to have some 
mechanism to detect if it "can connect successfully". I'm asking what that 
mechanism should be, and if the one I've suggested is good, or flawed in some 


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