Bob McConnell wrote on 23/12/2009 15:55:

> The problem arises when too many of the relevant parts are also removed,
> which happened far too often on this thread as well as others. When the
> core context is not retained, the conversation drifts and quickly
> becomes useless to either the early posters or later readers.

just don't delete mails that are recent, delete after 3 months for instance? And if possible (I see some Exchange dirt in the mailheader :-)) use a mailclient that supports thread, I use Thunderbird and when subscribing to maillists this is really cool, I have a quick overview of the mails on the subject.

> I did not mean to be rude, but to point out what I see as a serious
> problem that has been growing on this list recently. On the other hand,
> I have not had my cup of hot chocolate yet this morning, so am probably
> not completely awake yet.

Okay, explanation excepted, E-mails can easily be misunderstood :-) May you have a merry Christmas (grab another cup of choco, just in case ;-))

Kind regards
Kim Emax -

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