Stuart Dallas wrote:
On 10 Jan 2010, at 14:44, Michael A. Peters wrote:

Stuart Dallas wrote:

That's a massive assumption. There are a number of editors that
automatically add a blank line to the end of source files. I stand by
taking the option that requires the least conscious thought from your
developers - they have enough important stuff to occupy their brain
that remembering to make sure there is no whitespace at the end of
their source files should not be one of them.
I would suggest getting a text editor that doesn't do that then. There are text 
editors that don't.

There also are e-mail clients that properly wrap the body content before 
sending ;)

I would rather not have a requirement on the tools my developers use which 
potentially (and usually) improves their productivity than impose a requirement 
that has no apparent benefit outside of XML files, and even then the benefit is 
irrelevant since it's already a file that contains both code and XML.

And if you don't like the way my emails look feel free to forward them into a black hole, 
I'll be fine with that. Alternatively talk to Apple and get them to change their Mail app 
to your idea or "properly". Either way I'm going to get back to worrying about 
things that matter. ;)


I suspect that you just don't word wrap enabled in your preferences. That use to be an option anyway (I haven't used OS X since 10.1)

Anyway, I didn't fix the wrap on this before replying just to show what happens. Each paragraph end up as a big long line instead of having a break put in.

Ah well, doesn't bother me as much as HTML mail to lists does ;)

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