Ashley Sheridan wrote:

I never bother with X-forwarding for development work, it is too slow I

My development box is a Dell Optiplex G50 I found discarded in an illegal trash pile. Hard drive was bad, I had a spare. Heat sink was dislodged, I had thermal paste. CDROM is not reliable, but reliable enough to boot off of a 4MB CentOS boot.iso and network install. Video gives snow, but after install, it's headless so who cares.

It's been problem free for a couple months now (found it a couple months ago). Only thing I had to purchase was a mouse for install - as I don't have a spare and didn't feel like detaching a mouse from an existing computer.

I installed bluefish on it and use bluefish over ssh via x forwarding on my local lan and sometimes have the bluefish window open for days. When I'm ready to publish to live, I simple ssh in and rsync to live. Never had a slowness problem.

It's an old crap computer, ram limit of 512MB (currently has 384 in it), but having the devel box local makes things like X forwarded a GUI text editor cake w/o performance issues.

I use Ubuntu for my desktop, no server crap installed on it, I prefer CentOS for serving - so this a cheap crap local box for devel server is the perfect solution. Since I'm the only user, the low performance of the CPU/Intel i815 chipset really isn't an issue (I think the mobo was swapped at some point, Dell website indicates i810 but it has i815).

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