But what you can do is keep your dev box local, and then use rsync over ssh to publish to the production (or dev) server that is across ocean(s).

I use .devel as my TLD for my dev hosts (IE www.something.devel) but otherwise have the dev box configured identical to the production server, so that if it works on dev box I know it works on production.

Other thing I do, cron job on production dumps the database once a night, cron job on dev fetches it (via rsync over ssh w/ keys) and applies it to dev database so that the dev database is always very close to production database.

Thanks for the tip! It isn't really a necessity as I'm not a web developer - I just built my site from scratch that's all as I don't have any developer friends who can help me out since I'm not an established company yet......

Usually I just sftp a tar'ed folder or files into my home dir if I need anything or do work on the fly.

I really need to learn rsync though as I managed to accomplish transfers of it once but never again :-( It is especially useful for backing up machines!



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