Hey Ivo

When PHP find an empty string, it returns this message

In this case no one has logged in, so, it doesnot find "user_name"

Include: Make sure the path of the file within the () is correct. So if the
file is in the same directory, this might be good, but if it's in a
different folder, you would need to specify that! Say it would be in /users,
then It would be


Try that, might work


"Ivo Stoykov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

I migrated to php 4.0.5 under windows IIS 5/win2000 AS

The following line - if($HTTP_POST_VARS['user_name']) { ... WHATEVER ..} -
returns me following error
with and without global $HTTP_POST_VARS
Warning: Undefined index: user_name in E:\10ioWebSite\sales\login.php on
line 99

and the line - include ("login.htm"); returns following:
Warning: Failed opening 'login.htm' for inclusion (include_path='.') in
E:\10ioWebSite\sales\login.php on line 131

the php.ini sais: include_path = "."

both files are in the same dir.

Any ideas? thank you

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