2010/1/18 Ashley Sheridan <a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk>

>  On Mon, 2010-01-18 at 12:20 +0000, Max Zimmermann wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have chosen this list because my problem is related to one particular
> style of php installation. At least I think so.
> I'm running php 5.2.11 and plesk 9.2.3, php through fastCGI.
> My problem is that, since error_log is unset, php passes on any errors
> to the webserver (-handler). This fills up my logs with hundreds of
> MBytes of Notices every day, even though error_reporting is set to 6135
> (notices shouldn't be logged).
> So error_reporting appears to be ignored when error_log is unset and php
> is run through fastcgi. Any idea how I can fix that?
> I unfortunately can't change error_log to the appropriate path, because
> the fastcgi user doesn't have access to the log directory...
> Here is an example log:
> [Mon Oct 26 00:57:52 2009] [warn] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice:
> Undefined offset: 1 in
> /srv/www/vhosts/XXXX/httpdocs/
> x3/inc/shopstat_functions.inc.php on line 82
> Thanks so much in advance,
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> Cheers,
> Max
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> I believe that the reporting level is only used for errors displayed in the
> browser window, not to the ones that are logged.
> If you're having your error logs fill up with errors, this isn't an issue
> with PHP but the coder! It is obviously more than a few errors, unless your
> website has millions of visitors each day triggering the same error, but
> which is more likely a scenario?!
> I'd advise fixing those errors, even the warnings, as warnings are often a
> prelude to a logic problem somewhere in the code.
>   Thanks,
> Ash
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Hey Ash,

thanks for your reply.
I know this is a coding issue, and xt:commerce always produces loads of
notices. That said, I think the error_reporting setting does apply to
logging when mod_php is used. I could be wrong though.

But even fixing the whole of xt:commerce code to be notice free (which would
be rediculously much work) doesn't solve the problem. Whenever anyone is
installing something new on his website lying on this server, I'm gonna have
the same problem again. I can't spend my whole time basically reviewing code
that someone runs on the server... I think that's understandable ;)
So I'm afraid I'm gonna need some other ideas :(

Thanks again,


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