php 5.2.12 running in CentOS 5.x

Unfortunately, both my server (xen linode) and my test server (crappy old dell I found in a field) are 32-bit. I need to work with some dates earlier than 1901 and I would really prefer to store them in *nix time in the database and use the date() function to format them for display when I need to.

My understanding is that 32 bit php has a lower limit in 1901 and upper limit in 2038 for the date function.

Is there a pcre / pecl / other wrapper that behaves identical to the date function but uses a 64 bit float in 32 bit php?

Yes, the right thing to do is probably to use 64 bit, and if I could I would. A wrapper that just passes it off to date on 64 bit systems and to date on 32 bit systems within what data can handle and only does its magic on 32 bit systems with values beyond 32-bit date capabilities would be sweet.

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