On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 22:45:14 -0500, phps...@gmail.com (Phpster) wrote:

>The first setcookie call is empty which produces the errors that cause  
>the second cookie to fail.

I'm afraid not. I modified the program started to read:

<?php //;V;;;                           Cypalda/Index.php   Printed: 21/3/09

session_start ();

setcookie ('Try_1', 'Works', time()+3600);
echo '&nbsp;';
setcookie ('Try_2', 'Doesnt', time()+3600);

With the result

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at
D:\Websites\cypalda.com\index.php:6) in D:\Websites\cypalda.com\index.php on 
line 7

And cookie 'Try_2' is not set.

I suspect you have been running with output buffering on, but I had left it in 
the default
state, which is off.

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