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> Hi all.
> I'm currently using the phpmailer class from phpmailer.worxware.com to
> send datatbase -populated emails to clients.
> At the moment I'm runninng PHP on Windows and using the built-in sendmail
> equivalent packaged with XAMPP. It uses a remote SMTP that authenticates by
> prior logging into a POP account.
> The number of emails sent is very small. Each one is only sent after a user
> fills out a form and presses send.
> But there is a noticable lag of about 5 or sometimes 10 seconds after
> pressing "send" before the user sees the "Mail sent" page. I presume the
> reason for the lag is the time spent logging on and off a remote POP, then
> SMTP server, transferring the data etc.
> It would be better if this happened in the background - that is, the user
> could get on with doing his next task while the emails sat in a queue in the
> backgorund, being lined up and sent without PHP waiting for the process to
> finish.
> Can anybody recommend a good way of doing this? Is Mercury Mail going to
> help me here?
HI Angus,

+1 I agree on what Paul already said .
As in fact you were just to sent out low volume mails.
Create a table and queue all pending mails in that then use windows
scheduled tasks to perform the actual work
if that is not a real-time mail.

One thing to note, php on windows does't support specify username and
But only hostname / IP Address and port only.

I can not help much
but just few more suggesions.

Hope these help


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